Final Conference Spirit Youth

On the 3rd of May, over 30 tourism practitioners and experts met at the Free Your Mind conference, the closing of the Spirit Youth. Held at the beautiful Abbey Rolduc in the Netherlands, the conference offered the chance to discuss the sustainability of the results of the project, the European market for youth spiritual tourism market and how the project can help gain access to the market, and allowed users to try spiritual activities for themselves within the walls of the Abbey.

The Spirit Youth project aimed to stimulate mobility of young travellers within Europe who are particularly interested in visiting cultural, historical, sustainable destinations; destinations that we believe have a spiritual element about them. The project trialled three regions – Prato, Monserrat and South Limburg – providing young people with spiritual activities, in order to create a spiritual itinerary and set of best practices and recommendations for other organisations looking to enter the spiritual tourism market.

At the event, attendees undertook a discussion on the long term future of spiritual tourism in Europe, participated in a business to business networking event and even had time to embrace the spirituality of the Abbey, with a guided tour and spirituality session!